Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

11 years poem

It’s been 11 years
since someone talked to me.
132 long months of painful
Over 3960 long and
dreadful days where
the air is my
only company.
I dread going to bed, knowing
that dawn
brings yet another torturous
cycle of isolation.
And yet I do wake. . .
So here I am, trudging wearily
in this
rut of endless
It is not being alone that hurts,
it is being ignored, ostracized
and shunned.
It hurts to see everyone else
having friends,
laughing and joking.

everyone but
Time after time
I’ve wanted
to end it all
a whisper tells me
this stabbing pain isn’t forever.
A sliver of sanity tells
me to hang on.
It’s been over 3960 days.
It’s has been over 132 months.
It’s been over 11 years
and finally
someone has spoken
to me !