Thursday, February 25, 2010

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She wears birds in her hair like others wear bows
wrens, warblers, jays, cardinals, and once two young crows. More here

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

stinky mucky first draft part 1

only done till pic 17 so far. Still need to flesh out certain parts of the drawings and do more process but so far i think there's a steam punk influence and should be good. Dunno if you like the main character with a beard though. Think its kinda important in the first part of the story but does he shave? I also want to ask what's a KNOLL? That's about it, not satisfied with certain parts and will work on them. The rest will be posted tomorrow : )

not sure how i want to do the final illustrations though, thought of doing it the machinarium way but that'll be using loads of pencilwork and it'll really long and not only that. If any changes are required it'll be extremely hard to make changes using the traditional medium. Making changes digitally is muchmuch easier.. hmmm