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powerpoint presentations

I looked at the attached pictures you posted and i find it doesn't look professional 
with all due respect to the illustrator and text person but it looks tacky -
the background is not plain enough and the words don't really stand out i feel.
(1  ) normally for this method the text should be very little and the background as plain as possible like this -

( 2 ) another way is like this -
where the box is designed for the text specially

( 3 ) third way is some colored background can't really find examples on the web -

but i have to point out that the amount of text in Bleagh is much more than other books . .

for more text sometimes this method is used ( 4 ) -
as you can see the illustrations are small illustrations and the page blank
or like this -
this has a combination of types but much of the page is left blank where there is a lot of text

SO if i do it consistantly following the approach of samuel's baby and highway rat, i would need to leave about a third of each illustration
with an extremely simple background but its hard to work for classroom scenes and such
for those scenes i would re

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